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The vast majority of us, surely at some time have realized how our eating habits can influence in our physical conditions.

Which is very true, foods each within its group, provides and has benefits for our body? Some depending on the activity which is undertaken are more suitable than others, providing the necessary energy and adequate tolerance.

Summer is almost here, epoch of diets and increase exercise to improve our look and feel better by showing our bodies on the beach. But that does not mean starving, just the opposite when training sessions is done, nourishing should always accompany exercise. One must know, how to maintain a balance between both.

Experts say that the key for a pleasant life and in the best possible conditions is to acquire healthy eating habits and keep them for life, with physical activity according to our age and objectives, fundamental to reduce stress, improve bone health, muscular system and metabolism.

Whatever exercise you do, it is very important to consider these basic rules:

  1. Maintain a low-fat diet: fat takes longer to digest and can cause fatigue.
  2. Include slow absorption carbohydrates.
  3. Moderate protein. The proteins stimulate the action of insulin (glucose) transport from the blood to the muscle.
  4. Drink enough Liquid.
  5. Eat foods that are well tolerated.

Nutritionists have detailed what kind of food we should eat before and after each sport, as well as indicating how and when to consume them. For activities performed in SINERGIA PILATES, such as yoga, Pilates and fitness, nutritionists recommend the following:

Before exercise: Dried fruit, yogurt, skim milk and whole grains, as they store energy in the muscles over a long period of time.

After exercise: Fruit smoothies (fruit or fresh vegetables mixed with linseed); yogurt, which is rich in calcium and complete in proteins and cereal bars.

Moderate exercise in a regular basis along with a healthy diet is the perfect tandem to maintain and recover our body. Join us for a healthy lifestyle.